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Tips & Advice Library
 Everything we know -- and then some. Always useful; usually true.


   Places to dance Swing!

    An opinionated list of all of the local places to dance Swing.


   Places to dance Salsa!

    A small subset of the local Salsa places that are especially good for us beginners.


   Places to dance Ballroom!

    A list of the places we know about, with minor commentary.


   Pragmatic dance etiquette

    What to expect when you hit the local Swing scene — and what expectations others have. Do's, don'ts, maybe's, and some pretty good ideas.


   Different Salsa styles

    We teach 'break on 1' style. Here's a concise comparison of all the different styles: Mambo, break on 1, break on 2 ('New York' style), break on 3 ('Night Club' style).


   Final free holiday advice:

    Right-handed teacups can be converted into left-handed teacups by turning them around.


   Practice music

    A shopping list of recommendations, organized by dance categories.


   Clothing advice for dancing

    Specific observations on comfortable — and uncomfortable — clothing for dancing. Primarily for men, and primarily for Swing, but with notes for other dances and for women.


   How to buy dance shoes

    Everything you need to know about buying dance shoes: what to buy, how to buy, where to buy, plus alternatives.


   DIY suede soles

    Suede soles are ideal on almost every dance floor. Detailed do-it-yourself instructions for adding 'em to any shoes or sneakers.


   Suede soles maintenance

    Do's and don'ts for those beautiful suede soles. Plus where to buy The Brush.


   Dancing on bad floors

    Pragmatic tips for dealing with non-optimal dance floors — too slippery, too sticky, or too rough.


   Which Swing level for me?

    If you've had a little Swing or Lindy Hop experience, here are our thoughts on which class you might enjoy best. (Not yet fully articulate, but at least it's a start.)


   Private vs Group lessons

    Are private lessons worth it? Usually not. Lots of information about taking private lessons, including our rates.


   Clothing, etc., for class

    Clothing, fragrances, cell phones, etc. A bunch of recommendations ... and one requirement.


   Reminder lists of moves

    An archive of our recent course descriptions. Many are augmented with lists of the moves that we covered.


    Here's where to find us.


   Our privacy policy

    We don't tell nobody nuttin'. Here are the details.

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