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Privacy Policy

1. Non-disclosure. We will not disclose your email address -- or any other information we have about you -- to anyone. Not for love or money.

1.a. Occasionally, a classmate of yours might ask us for contact information about you. Our policy is not to tell them directly, but rather to forward their message to you. Then you can do whatever you want about it.

2. Our uses of your email address. We will use your email address only for announcements related to our stuff.

2.a. Well, mostly. On rare occasion, we'll abuse our email list by broadcasting announcements that we think you might be interested in (such as notices of charity fundraisers that have some sort of dance-related component), or if some urgent problem arises that might be solved by appealing to y'all.

3. Removal from list. You may have yourself removed from the email list at any time, simply by letting us know. You may use any form of communication that we are likely to understand and remember. We recommend email. No tricky syntax or phrasing required -- just send us a note. If you wish, you may use this link: . (Sniff, sniff . . . we'll miss ya!)

3.a. Every email we send will include instructions on how you can be removed from the list, if we happen to remember to add the instructions.

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