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Welcome to our Store!
Our aids for helping you make this a more wonderful world in which to live.


  Give the gift of Swing,
   Latin, or Ballroom Dance
    to a Special Someone!

Gift Certificate is a folded 6.5" x 8.5" card and
comes in a wedding-invitation-like envelope.
Inscription and details are typed on the inside.
Space is left inside for adding your own inscriptions.


GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for all of our course offerings. Take a peek at our course offerings, and then tell us how you would like the certificate to read. We are happy to accommodate any reasonable request for special wording. Most unreasonable requests, too. And if you buy a Gift Certificate for a huge enough amount, we will create any course you want.

You may contact us (see below) for our fancy pre-printed version. Or you may download and print your own.

DOWNLOADABLE GIFT CERTIFICATE. Here is an ingenious idea: For last-minute gift giving, you may download and print a blank Gift Certificate (PDF format). This is beautifully identical to our regular Gift Certificate, except that we let you fill in all the details. We'll activate the Gift Certificate in our files after we receive your payment.

This clever system lets you print and give the Gift Certificate immediately, even if payment follows a few days later. Perfect for last minute gifts!

  1. Download the Gift Certificate.
  2. Print it. Instructions are included in the PDF file.
  3. Fill in the obvious bits. We have left lots of blank space for terms of endearment.
  4. Give it to recipient, who will be dazzled by your gift giving brilliance.
  5. Send in your payment. Be sure to tell us in detail who and what lessons the payment is for!
  6. We will "activate" the Gift Certificate in the recipient's name in our Registration files as soon as we receive your payment.

Fine print: A Gift Certificate may be applied to any course or private lessons that we offer, at any time now or in the future, and is good for the dollar amount paid for the Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates are non-transferable except with written permission of the original giver. All obscure and pesky questions regarding Gift Certificates will be resolved by negotiation and shouting.


     T-SHIRTS (coming soon)


Call us at (617) 864-8675 with any questions.
Send your request along with a check or money order payable to "Ken Kreshtool" to:

Ken Kreshtool / Gotta Dance!
[New address coming soon.]

Please write "Re: GIFT CERTIFICATE" on the front of the envelope -- so we'll be sure to process it fast!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
We would love to hear from you.

Email us:

Email instructor directly:


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